Ride to Eat Nr 5 Center of Switserland ,Sachseln October 19,2019


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Hi Michiel
Sorry i am no longer able to attend this rte.
I have informed the hotel .
Still 4 out of 5 is not too shabby this year.
See you all next year.


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I would absolutely have loved to join. But as most of you know, my current home in San Fransisco doesnt allow a trip with only driving. :rolleyes:
Instead Iris Landman and Arnaud Reymond will attempt to join you guys for this RTE. I think talking all the amazing stories about the RTE's might have infected some more Swiss locals before I left. Arnaud is maybe interested to become a member, so be nice. Iris is a also a Dutch that ended up in CH for work. Went to buy her first bike a few months ago, she doesn't have her license yet (learners permit), so first things first. :)
So yeah, be nice guys!

For the ones who care: In the mean time, I got a 2018 Triumph Tiger XRX Low in this amazing blue (see pics). Loving the bike, enough places to discover around here. Safe rides and have fun! Keep the shiny side up!



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Thanks Conny! I am sure you will take good care of them. I will be there in spirit ok? :) I miss my EU IBA friendsm Swiss Alpine backyard and spontaneous weekend trips to Italy. But as said, for now enough to explore here and the IBA here has been welcoming. :)