Ride to Eat nr4 Lighthouse of Lindesnes,Norway, august 25,2018

I'm planning, turn right hallway up Denmark, to Sweden turn left up to Norway & across to Lighthouse. This mid-ride ferry business looks very suspicious. o_O

Kim Leeson

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Think you might be right Mike, very limited times for the Ferry, long way to go to get scuppered by a non-running or getting there too late!


Latvian rider transport!!!!!!
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Hotel booked. I emailed them directly per Michiel's advice and got a response within 30 mins.
Oh and I'm definitely not doing the mid-ride ferry.
Probably going for Puttgarden to Rødby ferry and ride around.


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Hotel Booked . Hopefully be doing the Sweden Euro rally the week before, then spending the next week traveling along the Norwegian coast with a few others then dropping down to this rte.
Anyone welcome if you want to come along.
By the way Mike the 3 swords monument looks well worth a visit never seen anything like that.
Is the ET not two weeks prior to this RTE?