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In these sickly times arranging to meet other riders can be fraught with difficulties such as "where's a convenient, pleasant place to meet that won't be crowded with carriers?"

I happened to visit a suitable spot the other day and it occurred to me to share it.

Butser hill view point near Petersfield, Hampshire consists of a fairly rugged carpark run by Hampshire County Council with ticket barriers to get in or out, free for motorcycles, wide views across open countryside AND no toilets, no cafe, no beach - perfect. Bring your own picnic, have a chat for half-hour or so. If you're desperate for civilisation there's a McDonalds 10 minutes away.

Perhaps there are other such locations?
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+1 Micks Burger Van and a large half pounder cheese egg burger, his monster burgers are too much for me.

Other wide open spaces I've visited include
Walkers Burger Bar, A1065 just off Fiveways, Barton Mills IP28 6AE (public toilets in car park, adjacent picnic area and Mildenhall Woods)
Clee Hill Pass, A4147 High Street, Clee Hill SY8 3LZ (no facilities but free car park, picnic area, toposcope and view point)
Epping Forest has a choice of three wide open spaces almost on top of each other but can get busy in a heat wave.
High Beech Tea Hut, Fairmead Road Loughton IG10 4HR (public toilets 500 yards at the Kings Oak)
Kings Oak, Paul's Nursery Rd, Loughton IG10 4AE
Acorn Hut and Wellington Hill picnic area, Manor Road Loughton IG10 4AE (opposite Kings Oak)