Riding in the HEAT take 2


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Okay, so I changed bikes. From a Triumph Tiger Explorer with lots of air to cool down to a Triumph Trophy SE with lots of weather protection. I noticed that I am getting a lot less air movement on the Trophy SE than the Tiger. On the Tiger this applied and worked very well. http://www.ironbutt.com/ibmagazine/ironbutt_1002_62-66_hot.pdf
Now, I am not getting the air to my cuffs to inflate my jacket etc... For those of you that have a lot of weather protection, What do you do??? Is there a modification to the above article that I need to look into? Please any suggestions and such are welcome.


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I have a Gold Wing with hand wings. The hand wings can keep air off my hands or direct the air directly onto the grips.

Is there anyway to mount some type of air wing onto your fairing to direct wind onto your hands?


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I don't have hand wings on mine; I simply lower my arm into the air flow to get that shot of breeze into my jacket.