Rob and Wom's USA SS1000M


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You two gave the 100CCC a good attempt, shame about the puncture in Rob's hire bike bringing it to a premature end, at least you both were safe. There are some funny stories in your report Wombattle , the Indian lady talking about the recent cricket debacle just to name one.

Thanks for the read Wom.. :)


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Thanks Craig for the report - a great read and some good stories from the road.
Congrats to you both. A good salvage from a tight situation.
I haven't been on fb so I wasn't keeping up with your adventures while you were over there.
I look forward to more stories and photos from the trip. Especially Alaska!


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Another great report Wom. unfortunate in regard to the tyre issues, but pleased you were able to 'salvage' a listed ride and complete the overall day safely.

In 2016, Louise and I rode Route 66 from east (Chicago) to west (LA). Whenever we stopped throughout the 'Bible belt' of Central America we were approached by lovely people who wanted to chat about our adventure. The discussion inevitably ended with them praying for our safe travels. Several people also gave us small cards with their personal contact details on it, assuring us there was always a bed available if we would wish to come and stay. It was a lovely experience.


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You fellas rode right thru my hometown & didn't stop?? :D

I was watching the Spot track and knew something was off when the miles weren't clicking off. Thanks to Lynne who'd let the forum here know that things were not as expected.

El Paso truly is a hell-hole...

Hope there's another attempt sometime in the future for both of you!

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Great RR. Very impressed with the save. Reminded me of a ride I was on with a buddy a couple of years ago when I suffered a rear tire puncture in Colorado. The plug was spit out three times and didn't hold until I jammed in 4 with a good amount of glue. Even at that I kept my speed well below the posted limit and only felt safe because my buddy stayed a distance behind me riding with his hazard lights flashing which kept cars from running up on me too fast (he was in more danger than I was). Eventually able to get a new tire from Rocky Mountain Motorsports in Pueblo the next day and continue our trip through the west. While I understand the rule a rider can be left as long as they are safe so the ride can continue - I will never do so. It is one of the main reasons I prefer solo certified rides because when you ride with others I feel you each are taking responsibility for the other. My only disappointment is I missed an opportunity to meet you guys and possibly invite myself on the ride. :)