RT/GS rack extension

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A friend (motorcyclist, retired, engineering background) has designed and fabricated what I would describe as a rack extension for the rack of 2014-20 RT/GS and any other BMW that shares that OEM rack. He is wondering whether to make more or finish up after the 4 he has made and sold to friends. He currently has his last one advertised for sale on an Australian community notice board web site. Here.
All up (rack + freight to say California USA) the American dollar price for this last one (?) would be around US$235.
He says that if there was enough interest he would take this on as a retirement hobby though the price would have to go up to closer to US$400 (rack + US freight) for him to get a fair return on his 6 hours of labour & materials.
I have no financial interest in this venture and I’ve already got my rack extension at a very good (some would say exploitative) price. Anyone interested have a look and take it from there.



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Can he make just the Seat mount for 2014 RTs something like Pete used to make? Can he get ahold of Pete for the specifics?