RTE 29th Saturday August


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Hey guys publishing a group photo on public social media using the IBA logo is not acceptable where you are completely disregarding current COVID-19 rules. Being hung ho on your own is one thing but brining our whole group into controversy is not good.


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Thanks for organising Steve .
Great day out and an even better evening in Tonbridge with the girls and boys going out for a Turkish meal.
Couple of shandies afterwards made it a cracking night.


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I am glad you all enjoyed it. And the evening with the people that stayed overnight was a great night out.
A very special thanks goes to all the wives who came along as we. It was fantastic to see you all there.
I am so glad that those that were there saw the Spitfire flyby's especially the one where he done the victory roll.
You have no Idea how much work went into arranging that. :p:p:p It was a shame that some of you missed it.
One small point I need to mention is that when the landlord totaled up what had been paid for he thought the there was one meal and a couple of drinks that had not been paid for.
I personally think it was an error on their part as the method of ordering and payment was chaotic to say the least.
There was a short fall of about £15.00. I offered to pay this he just said pay me £10.00 for the Fish and chip meal only.
Which I did so as not to leave a bad impression of the IBA.
This is the second time at a RTE that I have organized and can I suggest that we all insist on paying for our drinks and meals as we order them, to avoid this problem in the future.

PS. If there is someone out there now thinking, "Oh shit I had fish & chips and I am not sure if I paid." you owe me a tenner.:D:D