Russell Day Long Seats

Safari Ferg

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Just to flag up an alternative, have a look at they were recommended to me by a fellow IBA member who has one on his FJR1300, my K1100LT-SE is now fettled/farkled with one, that I could not have attempted any certified run without: Seth Laamb is very knowledgeable and professional.


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Thanks for all the advice, and the link to But I have decided to go for a Russell.

I guess it looks like Vinyl then :)

Things are on the move bought a secondhand BMW R1200 RT seat off eBay today. It’s a BMW high seat but that should not be a problem as I ride with the standard seat on the high position + an air hawk and sheepskin. I can set the new high seat in the low position and there will only be about 5mm height difference in height. Now I can check out what height seat suits me best and use that seat as the donor seat for the Russell day long,