Saddlesore 1000

Hi guys,

Yesterday, September 28th.2019 we did Saddlesore 1000 from Split,Croatia, across Slovenia, Italy and back to Split. It took almost 18 hours. My friend was with Honda ADV X 750 and I was with Yamaha S10, Supertenere 1200. I've learned a lot about myself during this trip and will prepare much better in terms of the gear (info on the forum helped a lot !!!!! One big thanks to the members :):):):))

Will send all photos of fuel receipts taken during each refueling (also start and finish), SpotWalla and Spot 3 GFX logs, via email.
Link to SpotWalla trip is here:

This is addictive by all means.
We are looking forward for the new challenge.


Thanks Mark :) Indeed, hilly terrain + the heavy rain! We are really happy we did it in time, despite all the difficulties we've encountered on the road.
Hi guys,

So today, October 5th.2019 I've submitted scanned fuel invoices, links to Spotwalla and SPOT 3 tracker and waiting to receive my first Certified Ride. Hence I'm base in Europe, would be great to know if I could pay the processing fees via PayPal and/or with credit card? I did not found any link to make a payment?

Thanks in advance.


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Congrats ! And !8 hours is a good time for especially a first SS1K, IMHO, even tho doing a SS1K isn't a race. But it's nice if you finish quick, before you get too tired.
Thanks JAVGuzzi. FYI we did quite a lot training rides (this weekend we did 610 km) and this was not an issue for us though. We are getting ready for the next challenge :) Once the decision is made, will place a live tracking links here on the forum prior we commence with the ride!