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some advice please guys. the old tom tom has developed some interesting traits of late like the on off button has stopped working(it wont turn on or off , unless you connect or disconnect the power cable) and it randomly turns off as you're driving along plus the mounts held together with epoxy resin. it served me well for many years but i've made a decision to replace it and the question is with what?
I've tried tomtom's latest offering and its failed to please me it has some good features but is let down in a couple of critical areas it lost the wi fi signal whilst doing an update it really didn't like that.

so been looking at another garmin
anyone out there using 595 /396 zumos they seem to be the latest ones does it interface with basecamp and PC the same as other garmins or is it wi fi / smart phone for updates have you had any issues.


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Using 590. Fine with basecamp and cable connection. Links to smartphone for traffic/weather updates. Chat at John's RTE.


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I have a Garmin 595LM that works fine.

However, I am increasingly using my smartphone with Waze. What I like about this set up is I already have a smartphone and Waze is free but a very powerful navigation bit of kit with many features I use.

I think the biggest difference between using a smartphone or dedicated Sat Nav is:

1. it is easier to plan multiple stops on a Sat Nav
2. Easier to share routes and waypoints on a Sat Nav
3. A smartphone solution has easier traffic updates seamlessly offering the fastest route
4. Waze has a system for live reporting on your journey so has very time-sensitive information from other users.

Just my $0.02
thanks guys i'll be at the rte. so chatting there seems like a good idea. i agree the smart phone does lots of things and one day the dedicated sat nav may be not needed and most people would be happy with a smart phone navigator but not me. they all seem to go from A to B without issues but i require multiple stop routes with waypoints and the ability to hold thousands if POI's plus be able to display selected [email protected] as i'm driving along the old V5 tomtom did this and i was in a happy place. it is no longer supported so maps are increasingly out of date plus mines had a hard life, i also have a 390 garmin does similar in a different way but the route planning wasnt as good as the tomtom itinerary system for my use.
the latest generation from tom tom does a lot of fancy things most of which are only nice to have at best( not intersested in listening to music chatting on the phone or accessing trip advisor on the move) and seems to have lost what i really needed from the unit.
seems like tomtom are trying to compete with smart phones with sat navs to capture the needs of most rather than make a dedicated tool.
hence i'm now looking at a garmin