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Hi all from Australia,

I am peter and I have to work in Sydney for 2 Weeks in Feb. 16 - so I have a weekend (from Fr. 5.. So. 7.02)
What can I do? sitting on the beach or on a pool? .... mpf (mpf:= boring, not intresting , no way, ...)
My plan is to rent a bike and made a SS1600 or 2000 over the weekend.

So here my questions because I have no idea about the streets, the gasstations, the safety.... but I will do it - and I can go
1) Sydney - Brisbane ... Brisbane - Armidale - Sydney
2) Sydney - Melbourne (along the coast) - Sydney back via Albury

So what do you think? Stupid idea? not possible? wrong time? (its a little bit more warm than we have at the moment in CH). One important question - because I hear a lot of "storries".... Whats about the animals in the night? is it realy dramatic dangerous?

Be happy about any sugestion and help - and of course e happy for a good tip for an "startingpoint" outside Sydney.... (Want to go to a motel on Friday to start early on Saturday morning)

Grey Gentry

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Hi Peter, if going north, I'd stay on the coast road both ways, for the southern route I'd use the the Hume Hwy both ways. Both these roads have plenty of 24 hour fuel stations, and would minimize the chance of 'roo strikes NB No guarantee though.
The northern inland route comes with lots of slow traffic, wildlife and heavy vehicles, and few overtaking lanes. The southern coastal route has too many small towns, tourists, and few overtaking lanes. The coastal routes would be kinder, if it's hot inland, which it could be.
I'm wondering have you done an IBA ride before?
What bike are you planning on hiring?
Plan well, Good luck with the ride.


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Ron, Thanks for this information. Then it will be go south.
Yes done a SS1600k, 8. in the GBR2015, Next is the European Rally this year - and I ride around 60.000km on my Bike (last year a 1600GT, this year again a ST1300) - most of them with my girlfriend as a pilion. If possible I would try to get a nice bike like thoose where I spoke before - but I think it would be an HD Electra Glide (I rode them 8 weeks in US - its ok...) ;) - when I have exact infos I will post here again.


Peter, There are lots of road works between Kempsey NSW and Coffs Harbour NSW on the coastal route at the moment.