So, who is this guy then...?


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Took a picture of an AUS-plated bike and rider a couple of years ago here in Sweden.

Someone we know...?

Yes yes - I know, it's a silly twist on the old: "Oh, you are from Australia? Perhaps you know a froend of mine"

...but still.
I saw the guy in my mirrors miles before he caught up with me.
He had this wonderful cross-continent speed worked up, waay quicker that the rest of the traffic, but still riding in a very polite and relaxed way.
Clearly aiming at a distant goal, and caring more about actual safety rather than posted speed limit for whatever country he was passing through for the moment.

It was obvious that I clouded his ride when I diverted from what's normal and swept my camera up for a snapshot, so I tried to signal "carry on" and reduced my own speed just to show that I was done.

This is just one of all the brief encounters one experiences whilst riding, but it is one that has stuck with me.
An Aussie-plated bike in Sweden. Imagine!
Anyone recognizes the rider?