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Done :):):)

I've now put posts on the following forums too:

BMW Club general forum
BMW Club GS forum
Adventure Bike Rider forum
UK GS ER forum
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The FB & Twitter feeds are slowly building up traffic now but it never hurts for more of us to be liking, sharing and retweeting the good news, please.


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The three main pages: ours, the RBLR's and are all live now so I'm going to start posting on Twitter & Facebook in the hope of attracting "outsiders". Can those of you who use either Facebook or Twitter please follow, like, retweet and share @rblr1000 and
If you are on Twitter don't forget to follow @RBLR1000 and like/retweet anything about the ride. Follow other riders who post they are taking part.

If you are on Facebook add RBLR1000 and favourite and share anything about the ride. Add riders in the RBLR 1000 as friends

This will all help to spread the word for the Poppy Appeal