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It was a year ago i decided to do the 4 Seasons Ironbutt Challenge. I have completed all 4 rides and am the 2nd in RSA to have achieved this. The winter solstice is nearing (21st June at 12h07) and i think I am going to do another 4 Seasons Challenge. Amongst these rides, I am going to attempt 2 of the longest and hardest Ironbutt rides out there.

1. A Back to Back 2500km in 24 hours making it a total of 5000km in 48 hours. I will attempt this in September

2. The Outer Most Tarred Roads around RSA. Approximately 7000km in 100 hours. I will attempt this in December if all goes well.

Follow me live. Look on 2018 rides and click Winter Solstice

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