Spot SOS Test Function


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I am not sure if this is a new function or I just haven't seen it before, but there is a "SOS Test Mode" function in Findmespot that can be used to ensure your Spot is working correctly in the event of a major incident/accident.

I just completed a test with my unit and it worked fine.

If you want to test your unit for the SOS function, log into your Findmespot account, click on the "view/edit" option then click on the "SOS Test Mode" button and follow the instructions.

I received 4 emails during the SOS test, 1 when I enabled the test, 1 when the SOS test message was received, and 1 when the cancellation message of the test was received and 1 when I disabled the test mode.

Hope this may help.


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Test complete. Took 12 minutes from activation to receipt of the PUSH email. A bit longer than I expected, but reassuring at least. I have heard stories of faulty SPOT devices that worked just fine for "normal" messages but refused to send SOS messages. It's good to know that this one works.