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Found this on the US forum and thought it worth sharing:

A useful tip I've recently learnt. When we share our trips, SpotWalla will minimize # of dots on the map. WE know to correct it to 100% - but normal citizens don't. If you add &fillFactor=100 to the end of the shared link it will show the entire uploaded data.
See this:
Compared to this:


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Bear in mind the settings in your SPOT Account [not spotwalla], also have to set correctly. For example, I have my device set to ping every 10 minutes so regardless the spotwalla settings, there will be a 10 minute interval between pings on spotwalla displays.


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Until you try to view a Bubbler trip that's been dropping track marks every five minutes 24 hours a day for six years and you break the innerwebs with the 112k+ points it tries to load. :eek: