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Are you bringing your new dog this time?!?!
I would Kim but it ran away the minute I got off the bike at the Euro-tunnel!.
I think its a scam . I believe I was the 15th bloke to buy that dog in 2018.
Left this add near the tunnel no reply's as yet.
She's a right looker though !

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Wont be there hospital appointment for Mrs g.s. john for the 31st.
Ok balls up on the dates see you all tomorrow.
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Looking Promising, I asked for an early tip in the hopes I'd be able to turn it round. They took me at my word I have.

31/12 00.01 Rugby


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Does that mean your playing rugby at 00:01 on the 31st ?!?! or you have to be at Rugby before 31/12 00:01 :rolleyes:
LoL Yeh I play Rugby every Week. You’ve seen my Fabulous Physique,
No it means Colonel Sanders must have his 120 tonne of Frozen chips every day and my 24 tonne is booked in for 00.01 on New Years Eve. Unlike today’s which is booked in for 03.00. No rest for the wicked.

Kim Leeson

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Daz, if it’s not too late I’d like to tag along? ?
Hoping to come up with Kim.
Regards, from the forgetful newbie!!
Hi Smalli, I'm meeting Graham at his house (N Cambridge) around 9 if you want to join us, not sure what direction you're coming.
Ping me offline and I'll give you Graham's address...hover over my avatar, and 'start a conversation'


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Good call Daz, good turnout and nice to chat with everyone.
Glad you made it back home safely Gordon.
Happy new year to everyone, see you next year.....at Johns.
Ride safe
Regards Bob.