I’m planning this to finish last 1000 on the RBLR1000 2019. Basically lots of rides from my house each day I apologise to who ever checks it, as my bike doesn’t have a massive tank range . I have roughly planned it and will get bike booked in for tyres roughly half mileage to be safe will have questions for the verification people but will email them.
Well I have planned a couple of routes to do a few times and then finish off with the Rblr1000. Basically up and down from Scotland a lot of times from mine in SE London/Kent.
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Sadly due to bike problems ride was abandoned after 2000 miles. Which in the end was a god send as I’ve spent since then trying to prevent our business from flooding, lots of late night mopping etc. Will try to sneak in a 5000 this year if I can. Next year I will attempt the 10,000 again just for me.