SS1600 KM X 2. Year 2020

Good day

Its been a while since I posted or ran a Iron Butt (last one 2016). This year with all that is happening in the world I decided to do a couple of SS1600km. One was a BC only ride which took place in July and the second one was a BC, Alberta ride which took place October 2nd which was very cold.

As usual, I never plan much except punch in a route on google map to make sure I got the appropriate miles to cover for certification and really that's about it. I set the date, prepare my snacks the night before load it up in the tour pack, make sure my paper work is all there and really just wait for the clock to ring to start the day.

I like clocking in at about 2am to start the ride, personal preference I guess. Both rides took me on mostly 2 lane highway with sections of 4 lanes here and there. The weather in July was a nice ride with excellent day time highs. The second ride was much colder as high mountain pass and the late season time made for a long day cool day with great scenery along the Columbia ice field highway.

I've included the maps so you can view my route. Both runs took 9 fuel stops including the start time stop. The distance was covered in just under 18 hours. Anyway it was good getting back into the long distance saddle and putting on the miles or Kilometers.

Ok everyone enjoy your next Iron Butt and ride safe

Mike Allison Annotation 2020-07-16 054548.png Screenshot 2020-09-25 152958.png Annotation 2020-07-16 054548.png Screenshot 2020-09-25 152958.png
Good ride report. Only been in BC for one trip in a cage but found Kicking Horse pass a place I would like to visit on a bike.



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Great ride report. Planning on making a run to BC once Rona give us a break and allows free movement. Your report just added to the fire that is building toward that adventure.
Nomad. Many great roads can lead you through BC. Like I said it is mostly 2 lane highway. Hopefully the border re-open and we are free to roam again. Good luck on your next adventure.