St Ives Festival of Motorcycles - 1st July 2018


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Just in case anyone’s looking for a ride out on Sunday 1st July.

St Ives (Cambridgeshire) Festival of Motorcycles is on. This year it’s not being held in the centre of St Ives (I’m not 100% sure why but...) it’s at Johnson’s Farm in Oldhurst ( PE28 3AF. Just watch out for the Crocodiles...

The website is..

It’s a charity event in support of the local air ambulance service MAGPAS and the Poppy Appeal.

I’m a MAGPAS supporter and one (and I hope, only) time “user” of MAGPAS’s excellent service...! I’ve been ask help out in a small way so if anyone is coming, I’ll be there most of the day.


Kim Leeson

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Hi Jon,

Getting new rubber in the morning, if done in a reasonable time, I will come and say hello.
Looks like a good afternoon out.