Started with an 1,000 km. ride to Mannum SA finished with SS1600.


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With the Southern Cross Distance Riders group having their first RTE at Mannum SA my planning hadn't included finishing with a SS1600, but that's how it ended.
Friday 23rd. with a start docket showing 10.37 pm. I left Bairnsdale. With the Western Hwy. re-opened after the fire surrounding Dadswells Bridge being cleaned up my next stop was Ampol Foodary, Horsham. Now the lady in attendance has a good memory. Firstly she was on duty the night when I along with others passed through in August 2023 on our way to Darwin. You might remember that little exercise. Well not only did she remember that night but she remembers on young lady [Kimmie] having heated clothing issues.
After a warming cuppa and loverly toasted sandwich it was onto Tailem Bend then Murray Bridge, northwest to Mt. Pleasant before returning to the meeting venue Mannum Hotel. All good. The only problem was that my Hwy. was open but the Eyre Hwy. wasn't and that was the only route available to the three riders from WA that planned on attending said RTE.
The rest that had registered filtered in. Scott Tubbutt [Leeton], Phillip Chick, Barry Quinn [both Mildura], Kimmie Rodgers [Corryong] and lastly Derrick Sutton [Melbourne]. Lunch was a variety of pub meals washed down of course. With that finished we all bade each other well looking forward to the next RTE at the Railway Hotel Temora on Sat. 11th. May 2024.
It was back the same way we had separately came to Horsham then Derrick waved goodbye in Stawell [family visitation] whilst my next stop was the BP Officer Outbound for my finish docket [1,757 kms.] before home to Bairnsdale arriving at 00.45am.
My very good wife didn't wake me till 11pm. today. I needed every minute of it. I might have laid down Friday afternoon at 3pm. but there was no sleep. It's amazing what adrenaline will do. I finished the day and a little bit with 1,757 kms. added to the odometer. The next one will be for Echuca. C U there. Cheers.