Suggestion/Advice wanted

...and understanding a (very) small amount about Ramadan, wouldn't this add to the challenge of executing the ride?

I'm looking at the date you originally picked. This coincides with Eid al Fitr ... and why you picked that original starting time, I now understand.

The suggestion of an early morning departure the next day would still be advised.

The next day the ride will be very difficult due to heavy traffic. I may have to sacrifice one Eid al Fitr this time.

Thank you


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Looks llike you have done your homework asrafuln :) Advice is free. I'm about to start a ride commenting a 07:30 that is completely outside my comfort zone but external factors dictate this and I spent the last week realigning my sleep patterns to adjust to this :eek: all the best mate!


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Much respect. Here in America we have Interstate highways that make a SS 1000 (miles) relatively painless. In some other parts of the world the SS 1600 (km) would be an ADVENTURE! Best wishes. Looking forward to a ride report.