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I phoned the number given, and it was good that I did, as what I thought was a January renewal was actually August (American site - 08/01/17 actually means 1st August not 8th January).

Managed to cancel OK even though there was only 2 weeks remaining on my subscription.
Mine got renewed without any notification - first I realised was the whopping amount on my credit card bill. I emailed them, explaining that it was very poor form to just take the money without notifying me, especially given there was a 30% increase. I got a reduced price offer, and then a refund when I declined that, all over email - I wouldn't have been even less happy to have had to call a stateside number.


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My call cost me £5.00, but at least I managed to cancel this years subscription before it was charged.


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Update: I've been using the free SWconnect app for iPhones for a couple of weeks now, and it works a treat, combining with the Spotwalla site flawlessly.

I can thoroughly recommend it as a proper replacement for the expensive Spot service (as long as the SOS function is unimportant to you).

Thanks go to Jon for helping me set it up properly.
ok I've looked at the sw site bit daunting for the non techno but I may have a go in a few weeks when I build up to it any advice is it hard to set up a spot walla page and how do you give people access??? or is this so user friendly anyone can do it?


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Dave, I'm one of the least able people you could meet when it comes to IT but I managed it, with a bit of help from Jon.

This page is pretty good for answering questions and help to get you started


Access to your trips for friends/public is exactly the same as it is for Spot, as SWconnect uses the same tracking site - spotwalla.

All I would say is that the App is power hungry. When I did a 12 hour trip on Monday, my phones power went from 100% to 38%.

I'm now looking for a suitable power lead to keep it connected during rides.
power is the problem then. don't mind buying something that does the same as spot but without the yearly fee. . a less power hungry device or with better battery power that does the same ass the app would be the best solution- any ideas


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I've just bought this power lead to plug into the socket by the headstock on my Explorer - that'll sort it out for me.


If you haven't got a handy power socket, there are loads of fused direct wiring leads on eBay.

I don't know of any other app which will work with the iPhone.

If you have an android, Bubbler would be the way to go, but it may very well be just as power hungry.


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I have used SWConnect for about two years after I managed to stop my SPOT membership. I think it's great. It does buffer its dropped pins until it gets a 3G connection. I recently used it in the AlpenButt event and my track is perfect.

I do power my iPhone from the bike. I now have it in a LifeProof IP68 holder as the iPhone is not rainproof as advertised and in a great holder.

Love, light and kindness,



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I too have cancelled my spot subscription and use SWConnect exclusively now. It's a brilliant bit of kit and works perfectly. Should have done it sooner. I love the way it marks bonus locations with accompanying photos to spotwalla.
Following Jon's advice after Armistice 1000 I have installed Bubbler GPS Lite on my android phone and registered on Spotwalla. All seemed to be connected and working and I was able use Spotwalla to create an active trip (Private), get a trip link to share if required, go for a ride and once home use the link to see it on the web page. This seems to work fine if I create the trip on the same day as I intend travelling - say today, 0001 6-12- 18 to 2359 6-12-18.
However, if I try to create a trip for a future date (say 0001 7-12-18 to 2359 7-12-18) it doesn't show up on my active trips list (message says "you have no active trips") so I can't get a link to share before the date of my intended trip.
I see a lot of posts with links to trips starting on some future date so am I missing something in the create trip process?
Hi John.

When you went to the Spotwalla page to set the trip up you did go to the bottom of the page and tap ‘Create’. Just checking?

Hi Jon,
Thanks for quick reply. I've had no internet 1900 til just now 2300 -Talk Talk major issue apparently. Anyway...
As I have a journey scheduled tomorrow I was trying to set up a trip so I could send my wife a link and she could see how it works for future ref

My Steps on Spotwalla:-
I have only one device registered on Spotwalla - my Mobile's Bubbler GPS Lite. I checked it was in sync before I started.

Open Trips
Select New+
Fill in details
Select dates- in my case tomorrow 7-12-18 0001 to 2359
Select Private trip
Select Create Trip at the bottom

This took me to the trip page but showed "You have No Active Trips" I had cleared all my previous trips and tracks on an earlier visit to site as they were only experimental too so there were no trips and no tracks on my Spotwalla account.
I tried this 3 times with same result i.e. Fail

I went back in and set up a trip starting 1800 today (6-12-18) and finishing 2359 tomorrow (7-12-18). On selecting Create Trip I got a new Active Trip and a shareable link. The link works but I won't know if tracking works until I start my journey tomorrow but it seems to be ready.
So it seems I can't create a trip starting on a future date but I can if it starts on the day I set it up. I will have another go over the weekend after I get back.
Internet went down again as I typed this so sending before it goes again.
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I think it's behaving as intended, only displaying "active trips" when they are truly "active." To get a link to your trip page, for a date/time that has not happened yet, select the year tab, then the "view trip" button in the drop down menu. This will display a blank map until your start date/time begins.

Note: the blank map will confuse the heck out of people, so when I send the link to my wife/friends/etc. I note that the map will be blank until I actually begin my trip.

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 8.23.00 AM.png
Greetings from the UK. Thank you so much, DrNeo. It works exactly as you describe. What confused me was the Spotwalla site trip manager page describing the content of the "year" tab as my "past trips" so I didn't even look there, assuming it would only show historic trips not future ones.
So having got the map view for a future trip, to share a link I copied and pasted the map page's url to an email and that works too.
I notice on the Active Trip there are two options for different url links depending on the detail you wish to display. Using the view map for a future trip you only get the one option. For tracking for purpose of letting my family know where I am and providing a copy for later verification does the view map link provide enough info in your experience.
Thanks again,
For tracking for purpose of letting my family know where I am and providing a copy for later verification does the view map link provide enough info in your experience.
Thanks again,
Yep - I've used that sequence on my last ~8 certified rides.

Somewhere on the forum, I believe Ira and team have noted what the best settings to use for Spottwalla (sorry - I can't find it?).
Yep - I've used that sequence on my last ~8 certified rides.

Somewhere on the forum, I believe Ira and team have noted what the best settings to use for Spottwalla (sorry - I can't find it?).

Thanks for your help DrNeo and Jon. I've got the hang of it now, I think.
I'd posted the query on the Spotwalla forum too but so far no replies on that so good to have your support.