TAR24 Roundup Scholars, Winos and Poets well under way

The Training Rally is well under way and the Ringers, who have been given detailed instructions from their Drovers and their MobMaster and Assistant MobMaster, are now busily planning their routes. Their ride starts at 15:00, with the Ringers needing to be at their bikes, ready to start, by 14:45, or a 30 minute penalty will occur, and oh dear, they may miss an important 3000 point bonus.:rolleyes::rolleyes::):):mad::mad:


Coming to the closing stages of the Roundup. The Drovers etc spent the night watching what spots we received, and the moods switched from hilarity to absolute wonder at the antics of our Ringers. So much fun. You'll see two Drovers asleep on the job on the lounges.


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Sorry - I came home and basically hit the sack. I'm sure all the riders will be doing the same. The scores will be posted as soon as the scorers have finished collating them all and the oh so secretive files will be released from the vault, but that will be when we have all caught up on some shut eye. Patience my friend, patience.
I can tell you that 3 riders DNFd due to lack of points, one with a small mistake on a rest bonus, which cost him a load of points.
Many rookies made simple errors, but so did seasoned and experienced riders. It's a sad thing when a timed bonus opens at a certain time and riders who are eager to get the bonus have their stickers time stamped too early and basically lose 3000 points ( it was a two step bonus and if they didn't satisfy the first step, they missed the whole bonus). Worse still is that they didn't even realise it until their bums hit the scoring table. Boom boom.
One seasoned rider entered the penalty window at 2pm and only missed being time barred by a couple of minutes. Hammertime at the end!
It will be interesting to read the ride reports from the riders.
They all did a marvellous job really and I think everyone enjoyed themselves, plus they all came back to the finish safely.
The rider who got the most points was a seasoned rider. He isn't called The FarKing for nothing.

CONGRATULATIONS to a great score, from CRAPPY.

There was no actual winner, as it was a training rally, but Crappy showed the newbies what can be achieved, and how to plan and execute a great route!

I really want to thank all of the Drovers, who assisted with the writing of the rules, sat up all night on Saturday night receiving text messages from riders and watched their movements via spot. I particularly want to thank Bill Beaton,the assistant MobMaster, who worked tirelessly on collating my myriad of changes to the bonus booklet and produced a wonderful document.


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Home in Brissie at 10:00 EST. Big day for me!
There will be many plaudits and expressions of gratitude- I'll start by thanking Annette for the many hours evident in the Rally Book. She set the bar high with the Medieval Rally and she keeps the quality at a very high standard. Thanks to my check-in tormentor, Enterprise, for dragging me over the line to be a Finisher. Thanks to the hardcore experienced Rallyers who keenly helped us all through the preparation. Thanks to Shane for stoically hauling himself around on crutches to officiate. Thanks to Bill for answering my midnight questions on the road. Did I detect a whiff of red wine over the phone? It wasn't a good line. Congrats to Crappy on a well deserved win. I just looked at his SPOT. And I thought I rode hard. He's a machine!


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Definitely not a win , all that was down to prior knowledge having the routing the pack for a week while Lady Cuddles adjusted the points.
After spending that long planning it the temptation was too great to see if the plan was actually rideable.

I learnt so much from everyone involved ........thank you.

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Congratulations to Crappy for an awesome ride and score
I myself had a great time and learnt many new things about routings
Well done to all the other ringers for all making it back safe and for making for a great weekend
Still only half way home after so much needed sleep
And last but not least a very big thanks to all the Drovers and the mob bosses for all your efforts


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Congratulations to everyone involved! Sounds like you all had a ball.

A big thank you to Lady Cuddles and all the workers who made the weekend a great success.

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Thanks to ALL, especially Shane, Annette, Bill and Ox for crafting such a high standard Rally.

Well done to all the participants, there was a lot of effort put in by everyone! And well done Crappy, Mate you are Mr Consistent! Love your work!!

Confession time! It was me that made the mistake on the sleep bonus and left the BURN makes on the Scoring Table....such a simple mistake but better to make it on the Training Rally than at the IBR in June. :(

I had a ball and can't wait for the next Rally..... Good Times!