TD and the Creeping Crud Run

Ahhhhhh, 5200 km, a night with Brooke and Wendy, a beer at Birdsville, some dirt roads, a lot of tar ones, rain, lightning, sweat, cool, new roads never seen or ridden and just a generally good time out on the bike for 3 days. and no ticking clock...

I hope the link provided some interest to all you stuck at home or work
I was surprised myself Biggles. I have spent 6 weeks quarantining in either qld or vic since July and the general comment among the crew I work with is that this period has turned us all into lazy, unmotivated, lethargic, overwieght individuals. My only saving grace is that I mostly went off the booze almost entirely while I was in vic, the demon needed to stay in the bottle :), not to mention the happy chaos that is caused when it gets out and I tried to exercise but its really difficult to do in a motel room week after week. Some of the gym junkies really felt it.
To those of you who kept in touch, your reaching out to me has been really appreciated, beyond words.
Day1 was a touch over 1700km, day 2 was a touch over 1000 km and day 3 (which should have been a straight through Cloncurry- Birdsville- home) at over 2500km and a bit were all completely unplanned days. Of course, day 3 had the unplanned overnight stop in Charleville because I got into town 30 minutes late to get , you know, amateur rider.
I might redo that as a serious bbg, that section was a lot of fun even on road tyres.