The Dam Hard To Say Roundup is Coming Up

The good news is we have 11 riders already registered, and 2 pillions.
If you’ve never taken part in a Roundup (aka rally) before, then this could be the one for you to get a little taste of it.
Registration closing date has been extended to 13th October, 2018.
All entrants will be sent a base route, which they can choose to follow, either by downloading to a GPS, or simply using a paper map. By completing the base route (1666kms ) and bagging the bonuses (which should allow you to achieve the minimum number of finishing points), you could be a finisher. Of course we all know things don’t always go to plan, but it will be fun nonetheless, right?
For those who want to get s bit more adventurous and are determined to bring out the big guns, they will be able to plan their own route and compete for higher points.

Go on. Join in.

You know you want to.