The Nun


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Sister Immaculate having shaved her legs and other important bits was having a soak in the bath when there was a knock at the door 'who is it' said she clutching the flannel to her chest in a flutter of panic.
It's the blind man may i come in he said. Oh okay said sister Immaculate.
The door opens and the blind man came in with the blind under one arm and his tool box in the other hand.
NICE TITS!! he said i'll just put the blind up.
Week 36 so far so good
Stolen from The vicar of Dibley


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g.s.john, I wondered where you'd been lately. No snippets of humour for what seemed like ages, but in actual fact was only on Nov. 23 rd. that your last whimsical appeared. I do enjoy, like most I think, a good laugh. Your "stories" provide that on a regular basis. Please continue providing on a "more" regular basis. Cheers.