Thoughts/Idea's/Criticism .. Curtin Springs Get together.


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Just a thought...maybe a Red Centre Ramble SS1600??? How cool a cert with The Rock as the centrepiece??? Curtin Springs - Alice Springs (BP) 362Kms; Alice Springs (BP) - Yulara (Shell) - Alice Springs (BP) 892Kms; Alice Springs (BP) - Curtin Springs 361kms = 1615kms and good daytime speed limits???
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My memory is flawed or they've put up some more cabins. Good stuff.

Last time we were out at the rock the Springs were the least rip off out of the accomodation available. We spent the days out at the rock then back to camp where the cook would leave us something to heat up, even though the kitchen was was closed by the time we good back. Good people.


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I would be very mindful of jumping skippy between Marla & Coober Pedy, especially around 7 am in the morning

It cost just over $8,000 if you have an argument with one of them