Tirpitz Memorial Ride. Cancelled


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As JonnyP said "Can I say I’m in but.......at this stage it’s a ‘possible" long way off yet.
But I do fancy doing the Tirpitz, RTE, and Nordkapp ride but only as a flower sniffing ride. not interested in the Euro EtoE.

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I'm interested, and it does look like the planets of front tyre, rear tyre and service will have to align before the start.

I've just watched an episode of Top Gear where they drove the Trollstigen..!!


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Well the 2 first post was added before I`read all of it , you are crazy - and I like it ! :rolleyes: Since I`ll recon to have you all visiting by august next year - I`have to add to the crazyness - I`m thinking , since I already will tick off the End to End in june and se you at Squires at 13-14th june 2020 - I`ll come down in august riding with you from Lossimouth to Tromsø .
Like the idea of Northcape after - you got your local guide (me) from Tromsø to my Island Magerøya where North Cape is ( The skinny island) and down south - since i`m off to Trollstigen area staight after to join som friends on an MC gathering the 23 august.

Q`s : how many stops do you need - overnightstops ? (remember you have light all 24 hours up north. but after aprox .22:00 hours you will have the sun low in front ) what cind of accomodations .

Main reason for the route trough Sweden is that it`s faster even longer - than the trip trough Norway.

And please tell me how much time you have on the trip south.
at Northcape.jpg


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Stunning. Google shows the mountains without trees. Totally different.
This is on the road to Trollstigen, a forgotten road. Haven't riden this road but many roads around Trollstigen, which impess me much more . This august I put behind me about 2400 km on these roads. Just unbelivable.


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And if you manage some gravel road , this is one of our spectacular roads over the mountain from east to west. These are all from late autom - and ther may be snow down to the road early august. This road I`ll take home in june 2020. I should say that this road has been winter closed as soon as this year 25 of september - and open as late as 20 of june - next year it can be a lot of snow as it seems now. As seen at the last montasje. Strynefjellet3.jpg
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Having spoken to Rolf-Arne there is a slight modification to the route. Now finishing about 150 miles south of Nordkapp at site of X-Craft raid.

Route should look something like this. (3060 ish miles without ferries). Rolf-Arne Route.JPG

Provisional route.

Blue POI are

1) Lossiemouth

2) Trondheim Area RAF attack/ Chariot Manned Torpedos

3) Tromso 617/9 Squadrons Sinking

4) Kåfjord X-Craft

Red POI are receipt Locations that have to be proved for pre-verified route.

Riders will need intermediate receipts for 350 mile limit between receipts (UK Rules)

Leave Lossiemouth 1800 Saturday evening.

Sunday 06:20 Chunnel (Suggested)

0800 France.

Monday 1400hrs Trondheim Tirpitz memorial.

Tuesday 1100 Hrs at Tromso

Tuesday 1900 Hrs finish at Kåfjord
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Looks good Gordon. So we are doing the ferry now ? Will get the extra miles in and a chance of a kip.
Just booked Premier Inn Elgin , this is the nearest of the chain hotels only 7 miles from Lossiemouth and £48.00 semi flex. Last time i was up here the cost was over £100 so best book now for those coming up Friday.


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The 4th red dot - receipt is the ticket for the brigde , pay at the Danish side.

Your route from Tromsø will be as your plan shows has 2 ferries - without ferries you hav to ad 58 miles but the time will be the same. If your a bit unlucky the longer way will be much shorter in time. And ad to , that the long road is much better - legal speed will be 90 km/h for the most part and you ride 73 miles out to Tromsø and then this distance on the same road back again. If clear weather , you will have the evning sun on your left and that will be spectacular when climbing the mountains.

I would also advice to tank up often , in north of Sweden , use the bigger towns on the route. This is BARREN country - gasstations do not funkction all the time or even are open, Karesuando gas station (your last red dot) is open from 0700 and is 100 miles from the next station in Skibotn.