Toll prep


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Will be riding north this summer and avoiding toll roads looks impossible. Will be heading west from Cleveland Oh to Milwaukee then on to SD. Any advice on toll prep would be appreciated.


Scott Parish

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Really not much in the way of toll roads after you clear Illinois. We have Express Lanes here in California; but most are also HOV which allows MC to ride at no cost. I don't really concern myself with Express Lanes as I can split traffic between lane 1-2 and get where I need to go.


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Then, I'd probably not concern myself.

I procured the NC Quickpass when I did my 48 State ride last year. I do have other rides planned for the future, thus I will hold onto it for now.

You *can* route around some of those toll roads; problem I found was there were some areas that there really wasn't much to see - paying the fee to bypass it quickly wasn't such a bad deal.