Toll Transponder Mounting


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In anticipation of a Great Lakes 100, I've acquired an I-PASS toll transponder. No motorcycle-specific mounting instructions were included with it, and I find none on the Illinois Tollway's site. Can those of you who are using these devices recommend where to mount them for reliable operation?

Thanks in advance...


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I have had good luck with mine mounted to the backside of the windscreen, as close to the bottom as possible.

Have a great ride on your GL 100.


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I have an EZ Pass with the standard mounting strips on the windshield of my Connie (C10) and it works well, however on my 99 Venture the windshield is curved enough that it won't reliably stay over time or for some bumps. I tried jacket pockets, the tank bag, holding it up etc besides being a pain in the butt I really only got about an 80% read rate. I finally opened up the fairing and sticky velcroed it inside the fairing in the same orientation it would have on an auto windshield and it works essentially flawlessly.
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My EZ-Pass instructions say to mount it on the inside of the windscreen with the logo facing me.

At the gates that have lift arms, I have learned to pass through a gate that is attended because I only get a lift arm to work about 50% of the time without assistance.

At the fast speed, no lift arm ones I never know if the transponder gets read or if they read my license plate. I always get charged.



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On one bike I glued it to the right saddle bag lid on another it's glued to the pelican case I use for a top box.
For the Florida toll system I can leave the unit in my tank bag or velcro it to the inside top of your top or side cases. (RF type system in Florida).
My my truck the system works with the unit in the glovebox


I am told that velcro works on the back of the screen, and also that some of them work inside the top of a plastic Pelican Case. But in the end I went for two serious stainless steel bolts to hold mine onto the rear flange of my long range tank. Still there, not stolen and working fine. Blaze on through those control gates!
My VA EZ Pass and GA Peach Pass are both kept in the Tour Pak. That is per the Transport Office directions.

If perhaps the sensor fails to read the EZ Pass and there is no gate/arm, I keep going. My tag will be read and automatically charge my accounts.
Never had a problem.

My GA Peach Pass, which is also acceptable in FL and NC, works the same.

For either pass, IF there is no bypass lanes and you must stop at an attendants window, and the sensor/arm doesn't work - I get off bike and take transponder out of Tour Pak and wave it at sensor until it does work. Very few attendants are impatient but if so, I refuse to pay cash to attendant - It's not my fault or problem their sensors are tuned too weak.

And it is a big hassle to get a credit if the system double charges you.............


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I have the NC QuickPass motorcycle transponder mounted with Velcro Dual Lock strips
on the inside of the windscreen of my BMW K1600GTL.
Found the sweet spot that allowed the windscreen to completely retract.
Worked fine with GA PeachPass, FL SunPass, and E-ZPass in VA, DC, and MD.
Eliminated interactions with the attendants.
I'll be on the road so much in 2017, that I decided to Velcro the EZ Pass to the Farkle Bar.

THX BMW_Pilot - anything to avoid those interactions is smarter..............