Tracking devices


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I like the Monimoto, but I don't want to confront the thieves, and as you say, you don't have the bespoke control room.
So what do you do, call the police and give them the coordinates, and hope they follow up.

From what I 've read, the thieves usually leave it behind a building for a few hours and wait to see if it attracts the owner or authorities, if not it's stripped, shipped to Lithuania, and spare parts show up on ebay!! bastards!
If the worse happened, I'd go and look at the location myself - recover if I thought it safe & feasible, and nobody has to know. It's not like anyone is going to be around for the police to nick, unless it was in a compound or premises.
I think if you called the police and said "my bikes been taken, but I've tracked it and its parked up with no one around" I reckon they'd tell you to go and get it, rather than launch some kind of sting operation and lie in wait.

Maybe there'd be more action if you said that you think there was a block of heroin and a couple of sawn off shotguns next to it... ;)
my experience is the police do their best if they turn up (being given a crime number over the phone is not re assuring), all the help you can give them is my thinking as expecting inspector morse or Sherlock Holmes is a bit of wishful thinking.