Trophy Aux Lights


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Looking for options for mounting aux driving lights on my Trophy.

If you have some mounted already, would you mind posting pictures?


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Hi tdragger - I've been bugging the folks at Clearwater Lights over the last couple months to try to get them to create a kit for Trophys. I even volunteered to ride to their shop, about 400 miles away, to have them measure the bike in order to get a start on the project, but I was told I'd need to leave it for a week or so. The standard D2 fender mount kit will work for the Darla lights, and I may get those fairly soon. I'm mostly looking for a kit to mount the Ericas, though. They seem to be interested in creating a kit, so I'd recommend sending them an email asking for the same. If enough of us show interest, I bet they would produce something sooner rather than later. I said that since there's nothing out there yet specifically for the TT, whoever is first would likely get quite a few orders after the word spreads. You never know! Two of the committee members in the SCMA (Southern California Motorcyclist Assn.), including the chairman, ride Trophys, and they've both toured the country several times in theirs, and I know they're both looking for lights as well. It never hurts to ask!

- Stoney

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Hi tdragger

I had the small Cyclops lights mounted under the mirrors with additional aluminum supports. I like the Cyclops, they had a decent amount of light way down the road. On a whim I replaced one of the Cyclops with ledrider LX5. Wow, what a difference. The LX5 completely drowned the remaining Cyclops. I immediately ordered the second lx5 and am extremely pleased with amount of light way down the road and the sides down range are nicely illuminated e too.
The smaller lr4 light up the side nicely close in. Imho the lx5 + lr4 combo work nicely in the trophy. Wish I had room for the LD5 but they are too big and heavy for the trophy mirrors.
Hope this helps.



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Haha good luck getting Clearwater to produce mounts for the Trophy. I think I was one of the first with a Trophy to buy their lights back in 2013 when I first got the bike. When I inquired about them making a mount for the bike they essentially told me to go pound sand/it's not a BMW/we only produce mounts for bikes that we can recoup the costs on. I essentially told them I would pay whatever money it took for them to produce a mount and they ignored my email. That's when I stumbled upon Mike Langford's way of attaching driving lights to the underside of the mirror pods using aluminum bar stock -

Here's someone who used the same method to mount Erica's -,2399.0.html
This is how I have mine mounted. It works but it's not the prettiest. I would still prefer to have a prettier/more sturdy mount but I doubt they'll produce one. I would even pay the money now after the fact. I even have a friend with a new trophy that is looking to buy Clearwater's and he would buy the mounts in a heartbeat.

As for the Darla's, I wasn't happy at ALL with the mounts Clearwater provides. They use only 1 fender hole to mount and after a few thousand miles of bumps they would come loose and I'd have to re tighten them down. Again they refuesed to create a kit like I had on my Tiger that uses two holds and can't come loose - Tiger triangle mounting bracket - Trophy single bolt bracket -

So I took matters into my own hands. I contacted Mike Langford of Maple Farkles - to make me a custom set of brackets for the Darla's to mount on my fenders. They came out perfect and I'm super happy with them. He liked them so much that he made 5 sets and has them for sale on eBay here -
Yes that's actually my bike in those pictures.