Wait time for Canada Certificate Approval

Hello Awesome Iron Butt (ers)... :)

I had completed my first Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1600 KMS in August 2020 in Toronto, Canada. Due to COVID, not a lot of places were open so we did Highway run... Toronto... Quebec City ... Toronto ...

I sent in all the documents digitally to ibaapplication email in August

Its been approx. 3 months, I have not heard back, what is the normal wait time to get approved and receive certificates (before the excitement dies).

Thank you

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OMG its really hard to not post some french canadian or metric conversion satire ....... I am sure IRA or someone else will post with real advice but congrats on surviving quebec


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The turnaround time currently is 12-14 weeks, maybe a bit longer for a Canada ride. So it sounds like yours should be coming up shortly.

Ira Agins
Iron Butt Association