Wanted: Aux fuel tank for Gen 1 FJR

I'm looking at dropping a spare fuel cell onto the reincarnated Frankenbike. Has anyone got an unwanted one they might want to part with. My preference is for a pillion seat replacement model. I liked the design of the one that Gatey put together, and have seen similar being used by others.

John negus

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Har har..i meant how much extra capacity are you looking at adding..as I carry a Desert Fox canvas bladder that holds 5L. Sometimes I carry two and they fold up when empty..jn


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Simply not as easy as reaching back by your thigh and turning a tap John... though they do answer a problem and reduce in size after they serve a purpose.

John negus

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Prairie Schooner...impressive!! ..might have to do some work on my ZX12..Makes my Capo look like a toy even though it's an impressive mile eater..jn