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A pre 1980 stallion, fit enough to hold 70mph up hill and down dale, and
sturdy enough to hold this effort for a 1000 miles.
Anything considered, ideally, between 250- 500cc
A little pre match fettling is not a deal breaker.
Target price - less than £1500.
I will of course sell this fine machine back to you,
after it gloriously passes its test, if so required.
Thank you
I will be gentle.
Please form an orderly que.

Shawn K

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It's an unorthodox request. I'm sorry I don't have one to offer you.

If I may ask, are you taking place in a vintage ride or something? Not that it matters, I'm just curious.


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There doesn't seem to be much about.
John. You may have to look on Facebook, Gumtree or eBay etc but there are a lot of bikes out there that fit the bill. Keep an eye on Pointless 1000 thread over the next few days and I hope you will see...


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Lots of imported 'custom' types about, 400twins up to 750fours.
They all need some fettling. Here is one I was looking at but they haven't replied to
my questions. So I've got a different one. I think a carb clean and some tyres and a battery may do it
Suzuki GS550J GS 550 TX US Barn Find One Owner low miles | eBay
Good luck.
I'm waiting for the snow to go in Sunderland to fetch a CB650 Custom 1981 £1500
Pictures to follow when I fetch it


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Clicked on a fleabay email notification in my inbox this morning 30 minutes after it arrived and I missed the boat :-(

Did someone on here win this Classic BSA C15 at £1,500?

Maybe for the best just checked the performance stats and I'm thinking it'll probably struggle to maintain anything near 70 mph for a 1,000 miles

Now looking for a Japanesse 250 to 500 twin or four
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