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Guilty, I'm afraid. Well a little bit guilty, you dreamed, planned, managed and rode your rides all on your own! (OK, a couple of us may have planned and watered the seeds occasionally). Speaking of others, Russ, Thommo and even Owl are also lurking around here somewhere.
G'day, Ron. Yes of course. That was a great weekend. Although, what with Covid and all, I've done stuff all riding since. I'm just now looking into the heated garments you recommended to me. I will never be that bloody cold ever again.
Top weekend. I have some of that Stomping Ground IPA in my fridge.
I've found the bike powered Venture from Zarkie good value, particularly with the heated innersoles, for my blood starved (diabetic) cold feet. I've set up my trickle charger to use the same outlet, for the gear.
I just ordered the jacket liner. They were out of stock for "fat bastard" pants. Only have S and XS in stock.
I'll do the same thing re trickle charger port.
Will see how this liner goes.
My biggest issue I found was maintaining my core temp. On the Rocket, the wind blast hits me square in the chest.
I'm sure most people here know that once your core temp drops, your hands and feet will get cold no matter what. I actually burnt my hands with my heated grips but they still felt cold at the time.
I might spring for the pants and socks at a later time if the liner isn't enough.
Thanks for the advice.