Well this doesn't look good!

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I was out on a SS1K on Memorial Day and noticed this on my rear tire. I was almost 600 miles from home and the temps were in the low-mid 90s. Air pressure held steady and I didn't notice any handling issues. I can't find the paperwork, but I believe I have about 18,000 miles on it. I would think this would be covered under a manufacturer's warranty.



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18,000 miles? Pretty sure that won't be a warranty issue then. Something's torn it maybe?


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lamination fault would be covered and would give you a credit for the tyre wear remaining on the carcass ...
This would be my best guess at at a tyre shop you normally purchase all your tyres from.
They would want to keep you sweet and pursue a claim on your behalf ... Worth a try and nothing lost at 18,000 miles ...

Update ... Just noticed your running a car tyre ... level of warranty ... NO chance ..
They would say that the tyre is not being used in it's intended design format ..

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I wouldn't think running it on a bike wouldn't be an issue because that's what trikes and bikes like the CanAm run. But at this point it doesn't matter anymore because after my BBG 3000 this weekend, I have finished off the remaining tread. Got about 21,000 miles, which is about normal, I believe.