wet weather pants


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My wet weather over pants have finally died.
Just wondering if people have any recommendations that they love and work well for them.
my criteria are:
  • ability to put on without having to take of boots.
  • less than $200 MAXIMUM
  • really REALLY water proof. I am sick of having wet crotches when I get to work. :confused:
  • don't care about fashion ..... we are bikers are we not!
I did meet a lovely couple at the inaugural muster who had these funky 'nappy-like' wet weather pants but I forgot who they were or what brand those pants were.
Thanks all,


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I use and have for a long while RJ's textile wet pants. Available from MCA at Auburn. They cost $100. I can get them on over all my boots except the big adventure ones. Big zips at the bottom. They do not leak.


Spanner, I have been using these for a number of years the link is for the jacket but you will find the trousers on the same site. https://olympiamotosports.com/en-US/products/men/jackets/new-horizon-rain-petite-black-1

The importer for Australia is here http://www.adventuremotorcycle.com.au/rider-gear/weather-protection.html

Cost wise with the US/AUS exchange rate prices are close if you include postage from the US not sure if the AUS dealer charges freight.

The clothing is designed by a motorcycle rider and he adds some good things to his gear which you can read about.