What do you wear and how do you like it?


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I will start this off.
I look in my closet and it is split between Klim and Triumph gear with a couple of BMW pants.
Triumph Taloc leathers, Jacket and Pants that zip together. Waterproof and warm even without the thermal liner, some ventilation and looks good. I wear these in cooler weather and for longer distances.
Triumph Assen Jacket. Much lighter than the Taloc and cooler. Has a liner that is supposed to keep your temp stable. Not hot, not cold but it does have its limits. In the summer I leave the liner home.
Just received a pair of Triumph Navigator Pants, haven't had time to try them out yet. They are more ADV/touring than what I already have. Waterproof, and a thermal liner so I will test them out soon.
Klim Latitude jacket. Waterproof and ADV style. It usually just sits in my closet. I pull it out if I am expecting really poor weather. I will be replacing it with a Triumph Navigator Jacket.
Klim Apex Air jacket. My go to jacket for the 3 warmer season for around town and short trips. If it had some waterproofing built into it then I most likely not have even looked for another jacket.
Klim Outrider pants. Go to pants. They fit my personal style and I just like the way they fit.
Klim Torrant overpant. Just got these and haven't had them in a good rain yet. I keep them in the panniers just in case.
BMW Summer Pants. Legs zip off and are pretty comfortable. Great for summer short rides.
If you have any questions please ask and put up some of your gear and give it a quick review.

Bill Lumberg

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Aerostich Dariens when it’s cool or wet. Firstgear mesh for distance in the heat. Not much besides a helmet otherwise. Nolan modular helmets. Danner Acadia boots.
Ten year old Rukka armas laminated suit with thermal liner never been wet or cold good winter kit
also BMW rallye suit detachable gor-tex liner rode two hundred miles in heavy rain kept dry good ventilation on jacket and trousers but because of the multiple zips and vents it's not wind proof therefor summer use only.
Alt-Berg hoggs lace up gor-tex lined dual purpose boots all day comfortable on the bike and for walking
also Daytona road star boots as a second pair.
Shoei Neotec 2 + blue tooth quiet comfortable ventilation is not too good with a screen as the aerodynamics are very good too warm on a hot day
For warm weather a Schuberth M1 open face built in microphones and speakers for blue tooth system.


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'Stitch one piece, 'Stitch two piece & BMW City suit two-piece, depends on the what, where, how I plan to ride. BMW suit is rarely worn because the one I have is very old and is more to keep me warm in cooler weather than to offer protection. Helmets are Schuberth C3 & a couple of Shoei Syncrotechs.

All comfortable and like what I have.

Patrick Ford

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Darien and AD-1 pants with Aerostich Combat Touring boots. The boots are not water proof but I Niki wax them and they have kept my feet dry in some pretty heavy rains. Shoei helmet. Don't forget the LDComforts.


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A couple weeks late buttttt. Okay, so I have a few hundred miles on the Triumph Navigator suit. Cool weather only, approx 50 +- 10 degrees F. I have the zip in liner in the jacket and pants. I stayed warm on the Trophy SE, granted it has a lot, a lot more wind protection than the Tiger Explorer. After about a hour of 75 + mph I did get a cool spot on the sides. I could have layered up better but I didn't. Since it was a quick run to the Ranchito and back I didn't use the pockets or any of the other goodies.
I did also try to make it with my favorite summer gloves (Klim Induction) but had to pull over and switch to the Dainese X-travel and boy ohhh boy did they calinentito mi manos up. Granted a little slow to put on with the under and over layer. Part of that was the interaction of the liner in the jacket not allowing much room to get the liner under the cuff. The other part is trying to manipulate the glove with the other glove on, though I can see that happening with any of that style of gauntlet.
For the last decade or so I've been using an Aerostich Darien Jacket with a Roadcrafter classic pants (with the bib attachments). I wear combat lite boots and use their various gloves. I also wear a Shoei Neotec 1 and 2.

I've tried Klim gear, among others and for long distance comfort I keep returning to my Aerostich stuff.

Ride safe all!

Jeez I didn’t even get my first sentence crafted before I screwed up and froze my screen and was rendered unable to apologize in advance for rookie mistakes. Not only am I new to this forum but I am new to this form of communication in general. So if it’s not too stale or closed I’d love to chime in. After many years and many miles of enjoying the sport with limited funds I found myself dedicating my money to the best machine I could afford and getting by with whatever combination of street, work, hunting, disco (not!), clothing I could cobble together for my low tech riding apparel. The pure joy of being on a great machine would offset much of the misery my clothing or lack thereof would allow to reach my skin. But as we all know there are limits to the R-factor that chrome and rubber afford a rider. For the life of me I still can’t figure why the new Suzuki RE-5’s rotary Wankle or cylindrical gauge pod wouldn’t keep me dry in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Fast forward 40 plus years and I find myself perplexed by the endless options for staying dry, warm and safe. I’ve learned that my preference is to make no attempt to have one system do it all but rather choose my gear based on seasons and locations. Obviously, that would be naive thinking for the IBR and longer tours. Under those diverse conditions I’d have to cast my vote for Aerostich Darian jacket and pants with their wind stopper fleece pant liners and jacket. I pack electrics for hands and core but seldom find the need for them. If I were ever able to build up to the kind of epic rides you guys string together I fear my electrics would not only get a work out but they’d be getting company in the form of electric socks and heated pant liners! I look forward to learning more by reading your very entertaining posts. PS Anybody in the market for an unlined Army field jacket and WHS track sweatshirt with matching Woolco unlined work glove...yes, singular.