What do you wear and how do you like it?

Picked up the Air Mesh jacket and the Air Mesh Street Jeans from Motoport a few weeks ago. I have only worn it several times. It appears rock solid and very well made suit. With the jackets liner and my Warm and Safe jacket liner I should be good from 45 on up. We shall see...


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Tomorrow is supposed to be miserable, rain and approx 40 to 45 degrees F. I am going to run around on the bike wearing the Triumph Navigator Jacket and pants and Triumph dirt boots. They are using tritex and have a thermal liner. Hopefully I don’t get to wet and cold.
This sounds like what riding in the fall/winter/spring in the PNW is like everyday. :)


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A couple weeks late buttttt. Okay, so I have a few hundred miles on the Triumph Navigator suit. Cool weather only, approx 50 +- 10 degrees F. I have the zip in liner in the jacket and pants. I stayed warm on the Trophy SE, granted it has a lot, a lot more wind protection than the Tiger Explorer. After about a hour of 75 + mph I did get a cool spot on the sides. I could have layered up better but I didn't. Since it was a quick run to the Ranchito and back I didn't use the pockets or any of the other goodies.
I did also try to make it with my favorite summer gloves (Klim Induction) but had to pull over and switch to the Dainese X-travel and boy ohhh boy did they calinentito mi manos up. Granted a little slow to put on with the under and over layer. Part of that was the interaction of the liner in the jacket not allowing much room to get the liner under the cuff. The other part is trying to manipulate the glove with the other glove on, though I can see that happening with any of that style of gauntlet.


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Well, I'm a goof and replied to the other thread with the same title without noticing that this thread is more active.

I won't repeat myself on the specific gear I reviewed there. But just as a comment about gear in general, I think that a mesh riding jacket keeps me cooler and more comfortable in summer than a t-shirt. It's probably because my skin is shaded instead of getting sunburned and I am not drying out so fast from the wind. It seems counter-intuitive, but that's been my experience.


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I had a Motoport jacket in the 1990s. It worked pretty well and the quality was fine, but that was quite a while ago. I've been wearing Aerostich since 1997.

The Roadcrafter R-3 works pretty well in hot weather, and so far it's been waterproof through three Oregon winters. My only complaint is that it's only available as a one piece. My previous suit was a two-piece Roadcrafter classic, and the two piece design is better in every way. I think my next suit will be a Darien.