What do you wear and how do you like it?

Picked up the Air Mesh jacket and the Air Mesh Street Jeans from Motoport a few weeks ago. I have only worn it several times. It appears rock solid and very well made suit. With the jackets liner and my Warm and Safe jacket liner I should be good from 45 on up. We shall see...


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Tomorrow is supposed to be miserable, rain and approx 40 to 45 degrees F. I am going to run around on the bike wearing the Triumph Navigator Jacket and pants and Triumph dirt boots. They are using tritex and have a thermal liner. Hopefully I don’t get to wet and cold.
This sounds like what riding in the fall/winter/spring in the PNW is like everyday. :)


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A couple weeks late buttttt. Okay, so I have a few hundred miles on the Triumph Navigator suit. Cool weather only, approx 50 +- 10 degrees F. I have the zip in liner in the jacket and pants. I stayed warm on the Trophy SE, granted it has a lot, a lot more wind protection than the Tiger Explorer. After about a hour of 75 + mph I did get a cool spot on the sides. I could have layered up better but I didn't. Since it was a quick run to the Ranchito and back I didn't use the pockets or any of the other goodies.
I did also try to make it with my favorite summer gloves (Klim Induction) but had to pull over and switch to the Dainese X-travel and boy ohhh boy did they calinentito mi manos up. Granted a little slow to put on with the under and over layer. Part of that was the interaction of the liner in the jacket not allowing much room to get the liner under the cuff. The other part is trying to manipulate the glove with the other glove on, though I can see that happening with any of that style of gauntlet.


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Well, I'm a goof and replied to the other thread with the same title without noticing that this thread is more active.

I won't repeat myself on the specific gear I reviewed there. But just as a comment about gear in general, I think that a mesh riding jacket keeps me cooler and more comfortable in summer than a t-shirt. It's probably because my skin is shaded instead of getting sunburned and I am not drying out so fast from the wind. It seems counter-intuitive, but that's been my experience.


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I had a Motoport jacket in the 1990s. It worked pretty well and the quality was fine, but that was quite a while ago. I've been wearing Aerostich since 1997.

The Roadcrafter R-3 works pretty well in hot weather, and so far it's been waterproof through three Oregon winters. My only complaint is that it's only available as a one piece. My previous suit was a two-piece Roadcrafter classic, and the two piece design is better in every way. I think my next suit will be a Darien.
I'm am up north, in Canada, Quebec and did one 1000mile (1600km) ride in August and two 1250 miles (2000km) in September. My first ride with my motorcycle jacket and motorcycle jeans (with knee protecters), one t shirts, one shirt and one sweater. One important thing when you make long rides, the time spent in the wind, your body temperature drops and its hard to bring it back up. I did the ride my 1000 miles in 18 hours. My second was about the same but the extra miles just got me a little colder, I was happy to have my rain suit with me that really helped. On my third 1250 miles, I had gotten a heating liner and man did that thing work. I am a biker and never found the use of heating stuff, but on rides over 20 hours in a row, no choice. Then again, I have a Goldwing and that really helps to block alot of wind.


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My first SS1000, a loop around Lake Huron, was a real eye opener. Prior to doing it I had repeatedly gone through the checklist found on site here. One item in particular was including a heated vest and I used that to justify my purchasing my first one ever, an Aerostich Airvantage vest with zip off sleeves. It was packed with little thought of needing it this trip as we departed Lansing, Michigan the first week of June. By the time we crossed the border and neared Toronto the temperature plummeted. At a gas stop in Parry Sound the temperature had dipped near freezing,(32F), I was miserable and dug out the new sleeved vest. When we departed I had plugged it in and turned it on before leaving the parking lot. Back on the highway I began to feel some warmth radiating from the kidney area moving up my back. Wonderful. Within a Mile the warmth reached the collar area and I basked in this new bear hug experience. Previously I had started doubting my ability to continue and now a new chapter had opened up. The next gas stop in Sudbury went well and we continued on finishing back in Lansing about 19 hours after starting. The good people and good advice on this forum had a significant impact on my riding from that point on. Lesson learned.
Any thoughts on the Motoport suits?

I have had my Motoport two piece for about 8 years. And while I have not tested the abrasion resistance yet, I can say that I am quite happy with mine.

It does remain kind of stiff for a LONG time. It may never be as supple as suits with more textile content, it is not a problem.

As far as weather protection goes I do not have any complaints. However, I ride a Wing which has good weather protection to begin with. As far as heat and jacket vents go I have ridden across the mojave many times in temperatures in excess of 100 and with the vents and proper under layers (LD Comfort) it has never been a problem.

I did think that I was going to freeze to death riding up the grapevine in sub-freezing weather. I did buy heated gear following that unpleasant morning.

I am happy with my purchase and recommend them to everyone who asks.
I've been using Aerostich Classic 1 piece suits for 30 years I'm on my 4th one. A couple of them got ratty after tons of miles and a couple I out grew if you know what I mean. I have thought of trying something new but they just work for me and I'm a creature of habit it seems. I also use Gerbing heated jacket and Sidi gore tex boots.


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I use Klim Badlands jacket and pants. Living on the Gulf Coast it gets regularly tested in torrential rain and has yet to let me down. Heated jacket, heated pants liner and heated glove liners under leather gauntlets makes it a comfortable (to me anyway) setup down to below 30 degrees.


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Aerostich - 2 piece Roadcrafter (my third Stich).
LD Comfort base layer. Electric jacket under a pullover if needed.

Arai helmets (only con is that they don't make a modular).
Variety of gloves. My favs are Lee Parks Deerskin.

Alpinestars Pro Coolmax socks in summer.
Pearly's Possum Socks in winter.
Sidi Gore-Tex boots.

That's what I wear and I love all of it!
Why three Stiches? First one the paramedics cut off me. Second one I semi-retired at 250,000 miles.


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Older Tourmaster Touring 1pc Suit for the long trips in poor weather. It is warm, dry, and comfortable but it can be a bit bulky and more difficult to deal with when off the bike.

Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket and Pants for most trips and warmer weather. Love this setup especially with the bib suspender attachment for the pants. No belt or tightness around the waist so all day, long day comfortable. Ultimately not as warm as the 1pc suit but not far off.

I think I still have a Tourmaster mesh jacket kicking around somewhere that seldom gets used anymore.

Mix of First Gear and Gerbings heated gear when the weather calls for it.

I have more or less retired my HJC IS-Max 2 which was comfortable and well made. The only real downfall is wind noise is a touch higher than the premium modular helmet offerings.

I replace the IS-Max with a Schuberth C4 Pro in HiViz. Plush, comfortable and quiet but I am not sure it is so much more quiet that the $300~$400 premium over some of the other modulars is worth it.

Mix of LD Comfort and ExOfficio base layers/undergarments'. The LD Comfort stuff is the gold standard and worth every penny on a long ride or multi day trip. Not cheap but worth it.

Forma Adventure Boots are my current since semi retiring an old pair of Sidi mid height street boots. The Sidi boots started leaking like a sieve on my last few outings in the rain so they are fair weather commuter boots only at this point. The Forma's are not as comfortable as I would like so I am on the hunt for a protective but comfortable waterproof street boot. I have a pair of road/race Sidi boots I need to dig out of the closet and sell. I got them to use for track days and then never did the track days I intended.

More gloves than I can count. Multiple pairs of winter gloves and summer gloves in rotation. They are consumables so I probably get at least one replacement pair a year and toss the oldest and most worn. The Sedici I bought on a whim from Cycle Gear while on a trip were a disappointment. Poor seam placement created hot spots and they did not seem to be that well constructed. They did not last long. Klim Induction Gloves are probably the best general purpose (fair weather) glove I have used.


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I've been wearing a Stich since 2008. First was a Roadcrafter. My second is a R3. I also use a Gerbings heated liner. But the best thing I wear for LD rides is seamless underwear! No really. If you want to be comfortable then loose the seams and take your wallet out from your back pocket! I also use Held Steve's with heated grips with barkbusters to keep the wind and rain off my hands. I also wear a Shoei GT Air with a Card Edge for comms and music. MY hydration is a Arctic gallon jug fastened to the bike with a long insulated camelbak tube and a retractable key keeper to return it to the same location every time. Cockpit has a countdown timer, Garmin 395, digital camera, Heat-troller, cruise control, and a homemade clipboard with my ride info laminated beforehand and my Spot tracker. Custom Saddle by Mr. Ed's Moto, Denali aux lights, hyper-lites in the rear with extra brake lights and turn signals. Also have retroreflective panels everywhere all on a FJ09. That's what I wear!
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Also have retroreflective panels everywhere all on a FJ09. That's what I wear!
Hi 2linby, great to see you here! We met a few years ago at LBCC. I replaced my FJ-09 with a Multistrada V4 about two years ago. The Ducati is awesome but the FJ was an excellent touring platform too.


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Hi 2linby, great to see you here! We met a few years ago at LBCC. I replaced my FJ-09 with a Multistrada V4 about two years ago. The Ducati is awesome but the FJ was an excellent touring platform too.
Yes I remember. You had the aux fuel cell. I just bought a Bam cell with plan on mounting it this winter when I do my major service to the bike.


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Yes I remember. You had the aux fuel cell. I just bought a Bam cell with plan on mounting it this winter when I do my major service to the bike.
It was not easy to find room for a bulkhead fitting on the FJ-09 tank. Everything is packaged pretty tightly in there. I'll try to dig up some photos of what I did. I had posted them on the Tracer forum but that's gone unfortunately.
-Klim Modular helmet...not very quiet to be honest but it fits my odd head pretty well and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Transitions lens.
-Klim Krios Pro helmet...yep, the one with the visor (peak or whatever its referred to in this group) It is quieter than the Klim modular, it is the lightest helmet I have ever found, fits great too.
I always wear a helmet liner of some sort to kee the helmet padding clean.
-I use Sena 50S in all my helmets. Not a fan, just learned their little quirks enough that I can tolerate them and get them working when they do get weird out on the road.
-I love my Klim Carlsbad jacket. Fits me great, has good protection and decent ventilation. It is the MOST waterproof geat I ever found.
-I wear some sort of performance base layer...Merino wool long sleeve to something more summer temp oriented and short sleeve...no particular preference, but I do have a lot Patagonia options.
-I have a Mosko Moto heated jacket...without a doubt the most comfortable and best heated piece of gear I have found. It heats up instantly and can pack into its own pocket for space saving when not wearing it. My forearms do get cold when temps are in the low 30s at freeway speeds but that is more a bike windflow issue that the jacket per see.
-I wear summer gloves as much as possible...I do have factory heated grips and BarkBusters and I can run into the high 40s with a summer dirtbike type glove. Then I put on my Baja leather gloves till the high 30s...this is where I get lost. If I run my big Sedicci winter gloves I cant feel a thing and they are not a great fit nor comfy for very long. So...that said, I am going to likely get something else with somewhere between 60 and 100 grams like the Klim Inversion.
-I wear a paid of padded cycling shorts most of the time. Under that Exoffico underwear or nothing.
-As it cools down I wear a similar baselayer that do on top...maybe not Merino, some level of Patagonia base/insulating layer.
-I have matching Carlsbad pants and also a pair of Mosko Rak Overpants. I commute so the Mosko pants are great for that as they are light and full zip and pack small in the top case. They are super comfy and roomy, totally waterproof...the only drawback is I have to wear separate knee pads (I have lots of old dirtbike knee/shin pads) which is fine as I can wear shorts to work and just strip it all off when I get there. The Carlsbad pants are great too...built in knee pads (I am on the fence as to whether this is good or bad...will they stay in place in a fall???), totally waterproof, bit NOT full zip so I have to take my boots off if I were to use these as commuter pants.
-I do not wear cotton sox...so Merino or most often a cycling sock.
-Tall Forma boots for now. They are not super comfy but are waterproof and work good when I ride the Adventure bike in mild dirt type rides. I need to address the boots (along with the gloves) this winter...so I am sure this change soon.

All in all I am pretty happy with my gear...I have an Olympia one piece that I use for commuting but I never really think to use it for LD rides...not sure why. I may try the new Neotech helmet...I had the original and loved it...or the C5 as I have a Shuberth E? that fits good, but rattles and vibrates too much to be good LD ride helmet.