What type of Rally do you want


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A lot was discussed at the Dalby Muster about rallies and a lot of good points were raised.
I thought i would start this thread to discuss ideas further.
So to get things started i have done ONE!! rally so i am not talking from any great base of rally participation but what i can say is i was not interested in the rally thing as i thought it was going to be to difficult and only for experienced rally riders. Iam not sure how i got roped into doing the Clint & Charleen Lovell QLD rally over 24 hours with a mandatory sleep/ built into it. I completed the rally.

What did i learn

1. The duration of time and distance was great i did not have to think about it to much as it was 1000km in 24 PLUS it was local i did not need to ride hours to the start point.
2. It was not difficult but it made you think and plan and fun to do it was a challenge
3. As with everything like this there were some tricks built in but not too many to make you disheartened
4. As it was short in distance it gave me more time to concentrate on the planning and mapping and boy that was a learning experience
5. The planning that Clint and team put into it, was enormous. Great Job !!!!

I think to get riders interested small steps are needed to build confidence that you can actually do it than have some rallies that are longer and more complex.
I do not see myself doing an IronButt rally so i have no desire to build myself to a rally machine. We need to be careful that we do not make the first ones as difficult as that or we will drive people away. In this day and age where time is precious with family, work, and competing pressure it needs to be enjoyable.
These are just my thoughts to add and hopefully get some discussion happening around the topic.
Would I do not again YES

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From my post here: Dalby Muster
Lots in the pipeline for development especially the rally format.
I'd like to echo what Cuddles said about participants and that is, the need for more of them. If you have never tried or think its just nuts or too hard or I'll never be any good, or it's not for me or what-bloody-ever, think again. Remember, its not about winning or losing, its about being part of something bigger, something that is huge fun (yes, I've done a few both solo and as a 2up team), it is only as challenging as you make it, it is a test of character and resolve (but isn't any LD ride like that?) and rallying is something that the ensuing camaraderie creates, is life long. You'll laugh at other peoples mistakes, we'll laugh at yours and in the end we all have a great time filled with belly aches, fun times and the urge to do it all again. Go on, have a crack, you know you want to.

Just thinking out loud. This may be a longer term proposition, or not. Perhaps we could create an "invitational" rally? Open to all IBA members across the globe. A niche biennial event.
This could incorporate several rallys into the event. An 8hr, 12hr, 24hr, 36hr, 5 days, etc to appeal to a larger audience. For example, the 8hr would start 8hrs before the close of the 5 days on so on.

Whatever shape this beast takes, it will be fun!


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The one that was the most complex to organise had the most appeal to me Ie: we all start at a nominated point closer to our own home and work towards a finish at a central point. However I will,try and support whatever the team comes up with. We are too small to not get involved and if we have a go, who knows?


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I've done one bike rally.
I did enjoy it greatly.
What I learned about making a good rally was it does not always need to be about ridding the furthest...
It does need to be about making the entrants think.
The one I did had entrants starting from their own region/home then finished at a known location.
It was 36 hours only.
And it had a maximum distance and a minimum distance required to be classed as a finisher.
From memory only two riders left before the evening meal at the finish location.
Most left Sunday morning and only one or two needed Monday to find home.
If you look at the group then 16 or so went and played together. 4 needed an extra days travel to get home so days off impact is very small relative to the numbers.
I guess as we stand just now in Australia as potential rally riders then maybe some parts of my post might be of help.
Ha I've no idea.