Winter Solstice 2020-12-21

Kim Leeson

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Monday 21st December will be the winter solstice aka shortest day this year. I propose another sunrise/sunset ride, this time visiting three countries. Details later but briefly:-

Norwich, England --- Wrexham, Wales --- Dumfries, Scotland. Approx 415 miles

Premier Inn - Norwich West (Showground/A47) Longwater Interchange, New Costessey, NR5 0TP ///

Poppy laid at Royal Welch Fusiliers War Memorial ///

Premier Inn - Annan Road, Dumfries, DG1 3JX ///friend.rivers.venues

Sunrise in Norwich will be 0804z Sunset in Dumfries 1547z

1. Bob Stammers
2. Kim Leeson (You are in aren't you Kim? What about breakfast?)
3. Ian M
4. Gordon Sears
5. Lynn O'Kane
6. g.s. john
7. Sean
8. Wilfried Weyers
9. Ian Hadaway
10. Phil Weston
Hi Bob,
Just noticed your question, 'Yes' I am in, but not booked any hotels or Memorial yet, looks like I'm on the back foot and better get booking...


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I might be in on this after all.
Her indoors might well be in Morzine so I could be footloose and fancy free.
However, if C19 forces yet another cancellation, she will be here and expecting company.
Booking rooms on the inevitable short notice may also be problematic but hey ho.
Watch this space....


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I'm beginning to think that maybe this ride isn't going to be a goer after all; what do we think chaps?

I have two Premier Inn bookings, Norwich and Dumfries. Should I cancel them, or not?

Ian M

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in what way?
hotels are open, i had a meeting this week in wales with someone from London who'd stayed at a Premier Inn the night before
there is a long way to go until 20/21 December

Peter Perfect

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It rather depends what tier Norwich is in at that time, and what rules Wales and Scotland put in place...

"Under Tier 3 restrictions, households are banned from mixing, except in limited circumstances such as parks. Bars and restaurants would be limited to takeaway or delivery services and people would be advised to avoid travelling outside their area."

Ian M

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Are we on? i don't see much changing in the Regulations between now and the trip. All hotels are open as normal, it is a normal working day.

Rooms in Norwich are £29.00 no change, £37.00 change three days before; £49.00 change up to 1.00pm on day of arrival

i would prefer a £29.00 room if we are?

i will not be able to attend anything in Dumfries, it is child No. 4's birthday on 21st so I'll head back on completion (only 2.5hrs away)

the hotel in Dumfries is open in line with local restrictions i.e alcohol outside until 10.00pm.

everyone will have to stand by their bikes with heated kit plugged in :)


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Right chaps

As at 1635 Saturday I am still in T2. As far as I can tell, I can ride the length of the country if I wish, including Wales and Scotland so, subject to passing my twice weekly Covid test tomorrow morning, I shall be heading up to Norwich arriving around 1800.
We're not allowed to socialise indoors apart from mealtimes so that'll be difficult then!
I haven't managed to obtain any poppies so we'll have to settle for a photo in Wrexham.
If we're lucky in Scotland the weather will be fine with a cloudless sky and we'll be able to watch the "Bethlehem star" while supping ale outside the hotel.

Ian M

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good, see you then not sure what time i'll arrive as i'm seeing my mum first - if i don't see you in the evening, I'll see you at a socially distant breakfast around 6.30/6.45am

as of 5.10 - i simply don't believe anything anymore