Winter Solstice 2021-12-21


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Tuesday 21st December will be the winter solstice aka shortest day this year. I propose another sunrise/sunset ride, this time visiting three countries. As before:-

Norwich, England --- Wrexham, Wales --- Dumfries, Scotland. Approx 415 miles

Premier Inn - Norwich West (Showground/A47) Longwater Interchange, New Costessey, NR5 0TP ///

Poppy laid at Royal Welch Fusiliers War Memorial ///

Premier Inn - Annan Road, Dumfries, DG1 3JX ///friend.rivers.venues

Sunrise in Norwich will be 0804z Sunset in Dumfries 1547z

1. Bob Stammers
2. Iam M
3. Martin
4. Gordon Sears
5. Ian Hadaway
6. The nameless Exgreen064
7. GSA Julie and 'partner'
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In view of the fact that Premier Inn Norwich West is currently offering £63/£75 rather than last year's £29/£39 I'll not book that right away.
Dumfries currently £41/£57 so ditto


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Being new to this, I would like to know more.... I take it you would be starting in Norwich and finishing in Dumfries then?

What's the normal routine for such as this please?

I am interested but would like to know more before committing to it, although my wife thinks I should be committed already......

Ian M

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the start time is just before/around sun rise at the location given, very often those taking part meet the night before for a meal etc.
a group photo is taken at sunrise and then we head off via any POI the routemaster has set and then aim to be at the finish location at sunset for another group photo and then everyone is welcome to stay for dinner or do their/ your own thing

its not a race, its timed to be undertaken comfortably, you generally ride on your own but you will probably come across each other on the route at petrol stations etc, if you cannot complete the ride (for whatever reason) there is always next time, there is no shame in not completing it

so sign up!!