Winter Solstice 2021-12-21


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I'll join you, but some miles apart (a.k.a no need to put me on the list). Doin a 4 Seasons attempt at the, on paper, most difficult ride of those four. Atm we have between -2° to -12°C over here but no snow. A bit cold so hopefully the heated gear works fine during the attempt.


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Covid etiquette

It's way too early to predict covid regulations for the three affected countries during the ride next week so I think we need to agree our own rules beforehand.

1) We're going to avoid the old, filthy, habits of handshakes and cheek kissing in favour of BT OpenReach approved fist-bumping, not the ridiculous elbow bumping favoured by certain politicians.
2) We're going to wear masks or buffs at fuel stops, hotel check-ins and during group photographs.
3) We won't gather at the memorial in Wrexham because a) that might constitute an illegal gathering; b) nobody organised any poppies this year either and c) I'll be riding "naked" (without satnav) and might struggle to locate it.
4) Anyone actually suffering from covid on the day is excused.
Afternoon all.
My mate (Darren Hibberd) and I would like to join the ride on Tuesday. Hopefully not too late? Due to commitments we can’t go up to Scotland but will ride Norwich to Wrexham. Are the start points etc still current on the top of this link?
Thanks Chris


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I'm in last minute.

Can't make the Norwich Airport Premier Inn 0804z RV but will leave here at sunrise joining the A14 at J38 just before 0900z which should be about the same time as you guys. With my tank range being what it is my 'A' plan fuel stops are;

BP 24hr fuel stop A5 Watling Street ST19 5PR
Carlisle Tesco 24 hour fuel stop 500 yds west of M6 at J43 on Warwick Rd, Carlisle CA1 2SB
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I was hoping to attend but having recovered from a viral infection, not covid related, I now feel like I couldn't fight my way out of a wet paper bag..... so won't be attending.


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Spot shows the track currently at Ferrybridge Services, I hope you are all safe and well and the heated gear is keeping the cold at bay!

@12:06 Northbound A1M north of services
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I see Saphena has arrived at destination!

Hope you all made it safe and sound and enjoyed the ride!

Sorry I couldn't have been with you!

Well done, I guess it's a hot shower and then down to the bar!
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Ian M

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three took part on motorbikes and did the full event setting off at sunrise and finishing at sunset, two started and finished at the "official" start/finish, one started elsewhere but covered the same distance and finished at the "official" finish.

All went to the way point (wrexham).

one took part but had motorcycle issues so took part in a four wheel contraption thing and took as long to go from the start to the finish directly as it did to do the whole route on a m/bike.


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Thanks to @saphena for organising and other attendees for their participation and banter. I ended on 804 miles arriving home at a leisurely paced 1700 hours, I found the wind chill factor too cold for a progressive ride.

Looking forward to more of the same for 2022.

Happy Days