You Can't Beat Having Power


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Best wishes Michael and Lynne for your next adventure. ... and also to young Skidoo as he powers off to parts wide and far! Safe travels to you all.

jeffrey gebler

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Looks like they are going to be successful this time. Powering home after a very scenic ride through the snowy mountains visiting a few towns and power stations. Only about 200 km to Goulburn.
It was great watching their spot through out the day.


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I found myself staying in Corryong last night. This morning I parked the Trophy at the front of the parking spot outside my favourite cafe. Michael and Lynne were scheduled through about 8.15 am. At about 7.45am guess who pulled up -briefly - to say hello. They were ahead of schedule after leaving a bit earlier. Wishing them a safe ride they were gone. Looking at their spot the're on target to finish in Goulburn in good time. Michael rang earlier to check if I got home OK, and informed me that the met Skidoo in Cabramurra as planned. They also waved to him on the Hume as they passed in opposite directions. He also doing the Power To The People ride again. See what happens when your bored and have a couple of thousand k's left on your tyres.


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Made it.. Thanks for watching.. off to bed now..
Great catching up at Cabramurra, T2 and on the road, funny it was almost exactly half way through the ride. You guys inspired me as initially I was just going to catch up and say 'hi' but just after departing Dubbo I thought 'why not', no ride plan, no documentation or pen. You are are bad influence guys ;)