Zed won't be seeing 250,000


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A few weeks ago I was out riding with my son-in-law and we adjusted the looks of the bikes we were on which means that's there will be no more adventures on Zed. For what happened see my blog post.

While it is sad to write off a bike as great as zed I am very happy that we didn't do any bitumen surfing or involve any injuries so we came out of it okay. The one disappointment is that I won't see a quarter of a million kilometres roll over on the odometer.

As my son-in-law was riding my bike at the time - how long do you think I can hold it over his head that he wrote my bike off?

Then in the mail this week I received my Memorial 1600 certificate for the ride to Wilmington which was the last big ride I did on zed. Looking at that certificate I reflected on how my first 'big' ride and start in long distance riding was on this bike to a FarRide in Nambucca Heads in 2009. Back then 1,000km in a day seemed a big deal. Since that time there has been a number of IBA rides including a 50cc last year which I thought was way outside my reach. Then there are all the great friends I have made and friends we have lost.

And so now it is time to start a new chapter and new memories on a new bike.

John negus

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Don't fret Zed14..every one you walk or crawl away from is a good result and the Zed good steed that she was didn't let you down in the end..good luck..jn


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Firstly, and importantly, you both came out unscathed!
Secondly, despite the obvious bond (and affection) you have for the 'bike, it's still just a machine, a tool, a means to an end - and I'm sure you'll grow to appreciate the eventual replacement.
Re: your son-in-law - I know how he feels after 'altering the appearance' of a good mate's pride-and-joy, after a coming-together of a Super Tenere and a Ute!! He does occasionally speak to me......


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That is a bad section of road. Sorry to hear the outcome.

Glen I think I am right in saying that VicRoads here in Victoria cover damage over $1000 or something if damage to your vehicle is caused by their road. Not sure if you are has the same cover up there?? Might be worth a phone call though?


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There's a lot to commend sticking with what you know. I'm on my third ST1300. Once you've got a few auxiliary parts, and know how it all goes together, it would need to be a very big improvement to jump to a different bike. The other plus is, there seem to be lots of very good examples of the same bike with low kays for fair money.


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So after looking around at the vast array of wannabe contenders to replace my 14 ... this followed me home from Sydney this week.

So now to start transforming this weapon of speed into a mile munching machine.


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very sorry to hear of the demise of your precious steed ..... pleased you and the daughter's pride and joy are both unscathed from that distressing event.
The new toy looks very promising indeed ...... best wishes as you get to know each other!