1. Brian O'Connor

    50CC - Tridents (anyone tried to get this certified)

    Has anyone done a 50cc Bangor, WA <-> Norfolk VA? It seems many people have starting/ending point references in Seattle but think the two sub-bases (or as close as can be without military ID) would be sort of interesting.
  2. John Z

    Gear choice for crossing the desert in June

    I've read Tom Austin's article in the Iron Butt magazine concerning hot weather LD riding... http://www.ironbutt.com/ibmagazine/ironbutt_1002_62-66_Hot.pdf I'm doing a BBG/50CC which will take me across the I-10/I-8 corridor later this week. Its forecast to be HOT, to the tune of ~115° or so. I...
  3. SeabeeCapt

    50CC Ride Report

    Enjoy! http://www.i-bmw.com/showthread.php?t=57301 Ride Safe, Think Fast Robert
  4. Tom Chambers

    50cc Prerequisites

    Are there any ride prerequisites for the 50cc? I've read the IBA description and don't see any. For example, does one need to first complete a SS-1000 or BB-1500 first? Also, what is the position and practice of the IBA for two riders to alternatively sharing one fuel receipt? For example...