1. Rony6ble

    Heaven to Hell & Heaven to Hell Gold

    I'm planning to attend the 2017 Tour of Honor banquet in Cripple Creek, CO mid September and this would be the perfect location to do one of the Heaven to Hell rides. Following the name of the ride it seams that the ride needs to start in Colorado and this is my first question: Heaven to Hell...
  2. Rony6ble

    Kactus Kilo a 1000 miles in 24 hours in the scenic Southwest

    I’d like to invite you to join us for the Kactus Kilo. The Kactus Kilo is a 1000 mile ride for charity on April 15 (check in on April 14) based in Kingman, AZ. check out our webpage: Riders Meeting on Friday evening 4/14 - We'll feed you and hand out your packet with your...
  3. Rony6ble

    Kactus Kilo - 1000 miles en 24 horas en el Suroeste de USA

    Espero algunos puedan unirse al grupo para el Kactus Kilo de 2017. Esta es una rodada de 1000 millas saliendo de Kingman, AZ (en el centro de la legendaria Ruta 66) el 15 de Abril (check el 14 de Abril). Visiten nuestra pagina: Los esperamos.
  4. Rony6ble

    3 State SS1K

    I'll try a SS1K in AZ, UT and NV to collect 3 NV ToH sites and visit some NP's and other places of personal interest. This is the map link: If some of you have good ideas for breakfast/lunch/dinner or other places to...