100CCC Attempt - 4 February

With much bigger footsteps here in OZ than mine to follow, I'm planning to depart the Caltex truckstop on Kite Street outside of Brisbane (just off Fishermans Island) early Monday morning, 4 Feb at 2 am AEST for my first 100CCC attempt in Australia.

I'm told this ride is a fair bit harder in Australia than in the states, and I reckon they are right....

The plan is Brisbane - Scarborough, WA for the 50CC, then return back to either Brissie or Coogee, NSW for the final half, depending how I feel. A decision will be made by Pt Augusta on the return as to exactly which coast to head to.

I'm very honoured to have Ian McPhee volunteer to ride along for the first bit with me through some roadworks west of Brisbane for the start.


My US mobile# +1 717 465 0519

Dan Simmonds